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Entwurf und Implementierung einer Java-basierten Umgebung für NETCONF-Agenten

Student(anonymous, Login required)
SupervisorDr. Torsten Klie
ProfessorProf. Dr. Stefan Fischer
IBR GroupVS (Prof. Fischer)
TypeMaster Thesis

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is the standard protocol for Internet Managing. However, it is not well suited for configuration tasks. Within the IETF, a new XML-based protocol is being developed: NETCONF [1]. While the protocol is close to "Version 1.0", data models are still missing.

Doing research on data models requires prototype NETCONF implementations. Especially a prototype in Java would be very useful especially due to the vast support for RelaxNG in Java-based XML Parsers. RelaxNG [2] seems to be a very promising data modeling language.


The aim of this master thesis is to design and develop a prototype of a NETCONF agent in Java. The agent should be compliant to the most recent draft specification of the NETCONF protocol. It should be based on an open and modular concept that allows easy integration of further management modules.

Within the theoretical part of the thesis, it should be elaborated how the agent implementation can access the actual managament data (e.g. in a Linux based router). Furthermore, a scenario for managing applications should be described.

[1] IETF NETCONF Working Group Homepage
[2] RelaxNG-Homepage

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