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Integration von Datentyp-Bibliotheken in RelaxNG-fähige XML-Parser

Student(anonymous, Login required)
SupervisorDr. Torsten Klie
ProfessorProf. Dr. Stefan Fischer
IBR GroupVS (Prof. Fischer)
TypeProject Thesis

RelaxNG is a simple but powerful schema definition language for XML documents. However, it only offers two basic datatypes: string and token. In order to deal with further requirements, authors usually use datatypes from W3C XML Schema. This is sufficient for a lot of applications. However, sometimes one would like to use self-defined datatyps (e.g. datatypes that one has defined in W3C XML Schema files). The RelaxNG specification does allow the use of self-defined datatype libraries. However, a lot of XML parsers do not offer support it.


This project work ("Projektarbeit") should give an overview about existing XML parsers and their support for RelaxNG. Then, possible ways for integrating one's own datatype libraries should be described. This should be done as an example for libxml2 and, if necessary, for another parser. Furthermore, the integration shall be implemented into an XML parser (at least as a prototype).

W3C XML Schema Datatypes

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