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Implementation of Forward Security for Delay-Tolerant Networks

SupervisorDr. Dominik Schürmann
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
TypeProject Thesis


In areas where traditional computer networks fail, Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) can be deployed. One implementation of this standard is IBR-DTN. This thesis describes the process of combining IBR-DTN and the library libforwardsec to add forward security to a DTN implementation. Bundles, the basic data structures of DTNs, can now be encrypted using the FSE scheme by Matthew Green and Ian Miers, which ensures forward security of messages. This means that in the case of a compromised private key, all messages sent previously are still secure and their confidentiality can still be guaranteed. This scheme was integrated into both the Ubuntu version as well as the Android application of IBR-DTN. To include libforwardsec and its dependency Relic in the mobile version, those libraries had to be compiled using the Android NDK. Especially the process of generating a suitable shared library file of Relic proved to be difficult because of its low-level assembly code and support of multiple architectures. A short performance evaluation compares OpenSSL's RSA scheme and libforwardsec's implementation both in the desktop and the mobile version. While the performance of the RSA scheme is generally much higher, the key generation of the FSE scheme is actually more performant.


Für die Arbeit ist ein solides Grundwissen im Bereich der Kryptografie unabdingbar. Das Verständnis des Spezialbereichs der Forward Security wird aber nicht vorausgesetzt; die Ausarbeitung der Grundlagen ist Teil der Thesis. Die Implementierung in IBR-DTN setzt gute Kenntnisse in C++ und objektorientierter Programmierung voraus.

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