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Effect of Non-reactive Features on DSR Protocol

SupervisorDr. Habib-ur-Rehman
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)

Overview: DSR (Dynamic Source Routing) is a popular on demand routing protocol for ad hoc networks. The latest version of this protocol is available as IETF RFC 4728 approved in February 2007. DSR has many significant advantages over other ad hoc routing protocols like support for multiple routes and unidirectional links. Also, it is known to have less routing overhead as compared to AODV in high mobility and traffic situations.

In our previous work, we analyzed the effect of non-reactive features on AODV. We observed that presence of such non-compliant features affect the performance of AODV negatively in terms of overhead as well as data packet throughput. In this project, we are interested to extend our analysis to DSR which is also a reactive protocol like AODV to make sure that our findings are valid for reactive protocols in general or not.

Project: The basic task of the student working on this project is to understand the functionality of DSR protocol. Then he/she has to identify some key non-reactive features in DSR and also that can be added to DSR (at least two features, one existing and one non-existing). He/She has to code these features in to some simulator of his/her choice (NS or OPNET etc). Definitely, this step requires the understanding of that simulator as well. And finally he/she has to analyze the effect of these features on the performance of DSR through simulations.

Requirements: To accomplish this task, the student should have:

  • Good knowledge of DSR
  • Understanding of some network simulator like NS or OPNET
  • Good C/C++ programming skills


  • The Dynamic Source Routing Protocol
  • The Dynamic Source Routing Protocol (DSR) for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks for IPv4, RFC 4728
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