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Enabling Reproducibility in Research Systems

SupervisorInes Messadi
Mohammad Mahhouk
ProfessorProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza
IBR GroupDS (Prof. Kapitza)
TypeBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project Thesis


Research software(RS) is of fundamental importance for many disciplines to achieve scientific progress. However, it is hard to extend, maintain and deploy, which often terminates with an unusable research software artifact. However, academic research is based on software and documents, which will be used and applied by others. Thus, it needs to be continuously maintained and reproducible.

Problem statement

The goal is to enable sustainable research software relying on a generic continuous integration (CI) approach that can be extended and used for other research software. Besides, the approach should foster the reproducibility of already published numbers.

Task description

Build a a preliminary prototype of a CI platform core components enabling the continuety of RS.

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