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Intermittent Computing: Time keeping, Time synchronization and Communication

SupervisorRobert Hartung
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
TypeBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis

Intermittent Computing

Intermittent Computing describes a system in which energy is sparsely available. In detail, energy comes from energy harvesting which primarily is considered to be harvested from other radio frequencies, which is called backscatter communication. The concept, however, can also be applied to work with other energy harvesting sources, such as solar, vibration or temperature gradients. In these systems, energy is usually stored in small capacitors that have very few energy available, that only lasts for a short amount of time. Therefore their execution is intermittent. In between executions, the system loses power and its state. To compensate, non-volatile memory is often used for checkpointing the current state, at defined points in the code. Time, however, has to be kept track of separately.

Current approaches use an R-C circuit for keeping track of time. These are very noisy and unprecise and therefore lead to large errors in time keeping, which then might ruin overall time synchronization, which is necessary for communication.

Your Task

Your task is to research on how time synchronization can be realized in such an ultra low power intermittent computing system.


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Following skills will help you with this thesis:

  • C
  • Hardware Design

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