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Porting IdealVolting to the RIOT Operating System with respect to utilizing low power management

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SupervisorRobert Hartung
Dr. Ulf Kulau
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
TypeProject Thesis


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are used in a large variety of applications. Many of these applications including the resultant Internet of Things (IoT) are energy-constrained and therefore have a limited lifetime. Power consumption of sensor nodes and its software is therefore from huge interest. Recently, Energy Harvesting has been a hot topic, to gather energy from natural sources such as temperature difference, sun or others.

To further reduce the energy consumption of sensor nodes apart from duty cycling, nodes can be powered below their nominal operating voltage. This is what we refer to as Undervolting. IdealVolting is an implementation of Undervolting that allows to systematically use undervolting for individual sensors, by learning about their invidual characteristic. The actual minimum operating voltage differs individually and has to be learned by each node separately.

Problem statement

We have created a prototype implementation of a flexible energy harvesting platform called REAPer. The existing IdealVolting implementation relies on the CONTIKI OS, which does not offer to use power saving sleep modes efficiently and out of the box. Therefore the RIOT OS has become our focus due to its easy power management capabilities.

Integrating the existing IdealVolting implementation into RIOT OS and adapting it to most recent version of the energy harvesting platform is therefore whishful. Additionally, the REAPer has some special functionalities that should be looked at and might be implemented in this thesis. One of these features is the wakeup capability through the I²C bus. The platform consists of the actual energy harvester and a modular processing platform (formerly blue INGA). The energy harvesting platform can operate without the processing platform. Therefore waking up the system if enough energy is available is from high interest.


Your tasks in this theses are as following:

  • Port existing IdealVolting implementation to the RIOT Operating System
  • Think of how to utilize RIOT's power management system in the context of IdealVolting (Problem: Communication with SI)
  • Evaluate if your implementation is functional
  • Make additional evaluations on power consumption of IdealVolting in (Contiki OS and) RIOT OS (w, w/ power management)i


The following skills are helpful for the execution of this thesis (not all of them are required!):
  • C
  • RIOT / Contiki
  • Hardwarenahe Programmierung
  • I2C
  • SPI


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