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Search Spaces with Google Desktop Search

Student(anonymous, Login required)
SupervisorDr. Martin Gutbrod
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
IBR GroupVS (Prof. Fischer)

"Google Desktop Search (GDS) [1] indexes, caches, and searches content on your computer. Through the GDS Software Development Kit's APIs [2], your applications can send content to the GDS engine for indexing and storage, as well as send search queries directly to GDS. In particular, you can write plug-ins that allow GDS to store and search content from applications that it doesn't already handle." [3]

In this work the GDS SDK has to be used to write a SOAP Web Service (WS) server program. This WS server should be able to handle the same requests like the WS Google API provided by Google themselves [5]. Furthermore the WS server must be able to receive new files adding to the index.

At the moment all files at one local PC are used by GDS as one search space. This kind of granularity is coarse. The API must be extended by a feature, to separate several search spaces. E.g. to insert files with a user attribute and return only search results based on content from this user. The expected number of found results over all search spaces are between zero and 50.

By default, one search space is the global Internet. For this reason, a sub-request to the WS Google API [5] must be done to return results in this search space. A performance analysis should complete the work.

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