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Distributed Calculation Object Models (COMs)

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SupervisorDr. Martin Gutbrod
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
IBR GroupVS (Prof. Fischer)
StartJune '05

COM is a semantic description to calculate the costs of all things in complex scenarios. One valuable thing is named Calculation Object (CO). COs can allocate costs from other COs with various algorithms (see also "L-K2 Modellvisualisierung"). At the moment, instances of a COM exist in relational databases (RDBS) on a network server. As a big drawback for the RDBS solution the whole responsibility for the system is attached to one person or institution. To calculate the model all rights to the API and the database backend are needed.

A much better scenario would be build with COs, stored on several hosts at differnet locations, e.g. in departements, institutes, suppliers, service providers or cost centres. To calculate such a COM the client application has to load relevant (linked) COs and calculates their values.


  • Create an easy example of an COM instance in XML (based on an existing RDBMS example and similar to [3])
  • Adapt the existing XML-Schema [2] to the needs of a Distributed COM (DCOM)
  • Programming of an application calculating the DCOM

  1. L-K2 Login Site
  2. COM XML-Schema
  3. COM XML Example

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