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Development of a Sensor Node Extension Board for the Integration of a microSD Flash Memory Card

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SupervisorDawud Gordon
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Michael Beigl
IBR GroupDUS (Prof. Beigl)
TypeBachelor Thesis


Wireless sensor networks have very limited total memory (total of all memories of all nodes in the network) when compared to the amounts of data which such a network can generate. None the less it is sometimes necessary to be able to save data locally at the sensornode. This is the case when, for example, a route to a specific destination is blocked due to node failure and the data collected before the new route is found cannot be lost, if local data logs are necessary for research or debugging purposes, or if the mobility model of the application only grants a link to a data sink once in a given time period. The days the price of the memory itself is so low that it will not adversely affect the price of applications, whereas the ability to add a few hundred megabytes to a node may open many doors.

Price is of course not the only factor which needs to be take into account, the cost of the the flash memory in terms of node and network resources must also be observed. For this reason this thesis will also include the analysis of power consumption, computation power and RAM costs as well as effects on network parameters. In addition, different approaches will be analyzed such as memory placement within the network, optimal data load per memory node as well as read/write/access speeds locally and remotely.


The workflow of this thesis be as follows

  • Design and production of hardware
  • Software driver development in C followed by the creation of a library to support future projects
  • Analysis of the previously mentioned stress factors


This thesis will be advised by Dawud Gordon, please contact me with questions.

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