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Development of a Multi-Channel Operation Concept for Collective Perception

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SupervisorKeno Garlichs
Alexander Willecke
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
ProjectCollective Perception
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
TypeMaster Thesis


When both Cooperative Awareness Messages (CAMs) and Collective Perception Messages (CPMs) are sent in the same radio channel, that channel easily gets congested [0]. The general development of a concept to leverage the availability of multiple radio channels is currently in progress, driven by different standards bodies. However, just demanding more channels might be easy but due to business and other constraints this might be infeasible in pratice. Therefore, in this thesis, a scheme is to be developed, that makes use of multiple available channels where necessary and available. At the same time it should be possible for nodes without multi-channel support, to send and receive CPMs where the channel load allows it.


All the evaluations will be done in simulation using the Artery V2X Simulation Framework [1], using the existing implementation of the Collective Perception Service [2]. In order to complete the task, you need basic skills in C++ and knowledge about vehicular networks. However, it is also possible to acquire those skills along the way.


This introduction is currently only a rough idea. If you are interested in the topic, I am more then happy to discuss and lay out the details of the thesis together with you. Just contact me any time!

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