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Optimization of a Dynamical Handoff in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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SupervisorDr. Marc Bechler
ProfessorProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
There are usually several communication systems in heterogeneous mobile networks that two devices can use to communicate. Due to the mobility of the devices, the situation may change at any time and communication paths between devices may get unavailable. As TCP/IP-based networks cannot handle handoffs between different communication systems, a TCP connection that uses one communication system will fail with the communication path although communication with the peer may be continued over another communication system. In order to improve this situation, a dynamical multiplexer developed in this thesis enables the handoffs between different communication systems. The multiplexer consists of a framework handling the handoffs and strategies that provide the information to decide dynamically about handoffs. The goal is not only to compensate for failing network interfaces but to improve the quality of service and the reliability of connections. The framework is designed to allow to add additional strategies based on fuzzy logic in order to extend the decision process.

This work was already presented in our Studienarbeiter- und Diplomandenseminar. Click here for the presentation slides.

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