8th NMRG Meeting in Austin
The 8th NMRG meeting will be an Information Modeling Workshop. It will take place in Austin (USA) on December 8-9 2000.

The meeting will be held at the The University of Texas at Austin, J.J. Pickle Research Center, Commons Building. The address of the meeting place is:

J. J. Pickle Research Campus - The Commons
10100 Burnet Road, Bldg. 137, room 1.112
Austin, TX 78758

The purpose of this meeting is to dive into the details of network information modeling. The things we want to do at the meeting include:

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of doing information modeling work. This discussion could include the relevance of this work; is it necessary to have standards and how problematic is it to have multiple standards. Are the standards being implemented? Do they reduce the costs of network device vendors and / or network management vendors? Do they help network operators?

  2. Produce an overview of what has been done so far in various groups. Among the things we could look at are SMIng (including the results of the Kleinheubach meeting), SPPI, NIM, CIM, GDMO, UML, CORBA (e.g. CORBA's Generic Network and NE Level Information Model), TINA, TMN NRIM etc. Next to the overview, we should also make a comparison.

  3. Discuss the key elements for a next generation information model for the Internet.

The contact for the local host of this meeting is Allison B. Thompson. Special thanks also to Tom Edgar who immediately offered his help to host this meeting.

Below is a map of the J. J. Pickle Research Campus campus.

The Commons building is the big red building at the bottom of the NE area (4). A picture of The Commons building is below.

A list of suggested hotels located close to the meeting site can be found on The Commons web pages. People also attending DSOM 2000 or the IM 2001 committee meetings may want to stay at the DSOM 2000 hotels. The J. J. Pickle Research Campus is about 10 miles away from the DSOM 2000 location.