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NMP Live Demo
at the exhibition of 'Kompetenztage Kommunikation'


During the exhibition of the 'Kompetenztage Kommunikation' taking place in the historical town hall of Braunschweig, we presented NMP performing live sessions. The exhibition hall was connected to the Internet over a broadband network connection provided by BCC, a local Internet provider.

We placed one NMP client and the NMP server at our institute and another client at the exhibition. During the demo, three young and talented musicians performed live Jazz sessions over the Internet:

  • Justus Bode and Niklas Tikwe played E-Piano and Bass at the exhibition
  • Jonte Köster played the Saxophon at the IBR
The NMP server recorded the individual client and the mixed tracks. In addition, Dr. Jens Brandt recorded a short video of the performance at the exhibition hall, while Xiaoyuan Gu took some photos of the Saxophonist.

Available Media

Here you can find all publicly available media from the demo (photos, audio tracks, videos).


The videos are encoded with XviD and LAME. They are usually viewable on all current platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS/X). If you encounter any problems, please try the VideoLAN Client.

Available videos:

  • full PAL resolution (720x576) with high audio and video quality, avi(215MB)
  • QVGA resolution (320x240) with low audio and video quality, avi(30MB)

There is also a (low-quality) version of that video at YouTube.


The single tracks and the mix recorded during the session by the NMP server are available for download. They have been recorded in studio quality (48kHz, 16bit/sample) and can be downloaded either as uncompressed (PCM) WAV-files or compressed (LAME 192kbps) MP3-files. Both formats can be played by all platforms natively.

Available tracks:


The photos taken from the saxophonist are available in a photo album here.

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