Tkined - a Tk based network editor

The Tkined network editor is a re-implementation of the original INED network editor based on the Tcl/Tk X11 toolkit. The main feature of Tkined is its programming interface that allows applications to use Tkined as a user interface. Most applications are written using Scotty, an extension for the Tool Command Language (Tcl) for network management applications.

Below is are some screen dumps of the network editor:

  • A screen shot showing the news server network. (30 KByte)
  • A screen shot showing a wiremap of our department. (24 KByte)
  • A screen shot showing a mib browser (part of Scotty). (20 KByte)
  • The current status of our network. (experimental)
  • Some movies that show a day in our network life. (very experimental)

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