1st CoSDEO - Workshop on Context-Systems
Design, Evaluation and Optimisation
Papers and discussion - past and future

CoSDEO 2010

February 22/23, 2010


in conjunction with

 23rd International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS)
Hannover, Germany, February 22nd to 25th, 2010


organised by the

Department of Distributed and Ubiquitous systems (DUS)


Call for Papers
Paper submission
Important dates

Call for Papers (PDF):

The CoSDEO-workshop has the goal to bring together reserachers in the areas of context computing that focus on system design, system evaluation, system optimisation and testing.

We are looking for original contributions on theoretical aspects as well as implementations and experiments regarding systems and system design in the field of context computing. In this context, practical implementations which require theoretical investigations shall be discussed.

The workshop focuses on context and systems for context computing. Regarding the context part, an important aspect is the impact and processing scheme for uncertain contexts and quality of context, as well as the appropriate modelling of context and situations. Regarding the systems part, we appreciate resilient and comparable experimantal studies.  


Topics of Interest include, but are not restricted to:

- Design aspects of context aware systems
- Experimental work and field studies on context aware systems
- Architectures and building blocks for context computing systems
- Surveys about architectures and systems for context aware computing
- Surveys about architectures and systems for pro-active context computing and context prediction
- Optimisation and evaluation of models for context computing
- Systems providing and using quality of context
- Systems providing and using uncertain contexts
- Context reasoning
- Systems to ensure privacy and security in context processing

The workshop will comprise invited papers on current topics of leading experts in the field as well as submitted papers. Page limit for accepted papers (in English) is 10 pages (formatted according to Springer LNCS style: http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.htmlA4) and will be published in the ARCS Workshop Proceedings.

Additional to a paper session we will also arrange a discussion between workshop participants, invited guests and interested audience on existing context systems, current achievements and intriguing open research aspects.


Monday, 22nd February 2010

08:30 - 09:20 Registration
09:20 - 09:30 Welcome
09:30 - 10:50
Session 1 (Applications and systems for context computing)

Raphael Zender, Ulrike Lucke, Djamshid Tavangarian
Integrating Context Awareness with SOA: Case Studies for Service-oriented and Context-based Architectures

Henning Günther, Firas El Simrany, Martin Berchtold and Michael Beigl
A Tool Chain for a Lightweight, Robust and Uncertainty-based Context Classification System (CCS)

P. Lukowicz,G. Pirkl, D. Bannach, F. Wagner, A. Calatroni, K. Förster, T. Holleczek, M. Rossi, D. Roggen, G. Troester, J. Doppler, C. Holzmann, A. Riener, A. Ferscha, R. Chavarriaga
Recording a Complex, Multi Modal Activity Data Set for Context Recogntion

Akin Avci, Stephan Bosch, Mihai Marin-Perianu, Raluca Marin-Perianu, Paul Havinga
Activity Recognition Using Inertial Sensing for Healthcare, Wellbeing and Sports Applications: A Survey

10:50 - 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 - 12:30
Session 2 (Design and development of context systems)

Niklas Klein, Stephan Sigg, Klaus David and Michael Beigl
DAG Based Context Reasoning: Optimised DAG Creation

Shakib Manouchehri, Matthias Söllner, Jan Marco Leimeister
Trust as a Design Aspect of Context Aware Systems

Daniel Graff, Matthias Werner, Helge Parzyjegla, Jan Richling, Gero Mühl
An Object-Oriented and Context-Aware Approach for Distributed Mobile Applications

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 - 15:00 Group discussion, collaboration and closing

Important Dates:

November 07, 2009 Paper submission deadline. Papers must be submitted in pdf or postscript format.
December 07, 2009 Notification of acceptance
January 07, 2010 Final paper submission
February 22/23, 2010     Workshop


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