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Seminar Verteilte Systeme: Maintaining research software over decades

Module #INF-VS-041
ProgrammesBachelor Informatik, Bachelor Informations-Systemtechnik, Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik
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Time & Place

Kick-Off Meeting: Montag, 26.10, 9:45 Uhr
The seminar wil happen entirely online: https://bbb.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de/b/ine-2a7-pg3


Submission of an substantial essay and successful presentation. The grade is determined by the activity in the seminar as well as the quality of essay and presentation.


The number of participants is limited to 10 students.

The registration is only possible via StudIP.

Software developed for research often suffers from a number of common problems that make it difficult to run or even extend. In most cases, the software comes with instabilities and bugs and cannot be disseminated to the following generations of researchers. In this seminar, we will look at techniques that permit us to maintain the software and disseminate research to scientists' next generation. The topics include:
  • Reproducibility of computational results
  • Virtualization, deployment and orchestration
  • Archival of research code and data
  • Maintaining distributed complex protocol implementation
This course will be a supported by supervisors from other institutes from TU Braunschweig and will be part of the Suresoft project.

The following is a preliminary list of topics. The papers might be extended or changed.

Seminar Topics

Basics for maintaining research software
  • Continuous integration and testing (supervised by: Harikrishnan K. Sreekumar)
  • Virtualization: VMs, containers and WebAssembly
  • Research data repositories (e.g., RADAR and Zenodo)
Examples for reproducibility and automated testing
Approaches towards long-term archival, sustainable software and reproducibility

Kick-Off Meeting

On World-Wide-Web, there are different ways to enhance your seminar presentations:

For the literature review these links might be helpful:

(La)TeX Tips + Tricks

The Seminar

The preferred language for talk and essay is english. Each participant will take one or more papers under a specific topic. Participants are responsible for a peer review, including:

  • Attend peer's presentation dry run and give feedback.
  • Review peer's essay before submission.
  • Collect questions to peer's presentation during discussion session.


Please submit the essay as well as your presentation slides. The requirements for presentation and essay are listed as follows:

  • Presentation and essay preferably in English.
  • Presentation time about 20 minutes.
  • Essay should comprise exact 6 pages without references.

Each participant is supposed to do further research based on the paper. The supervisors are always glad to help in this case.

The strength of the university depends on academic and personal integrity. In this seminar, essays must be done in your own words. Plagiarism is an offense against the examination regulations.


The LaTeX template for seminar essay can be found here.

Additional considerations for the design of the essay can be found on the website of IBR.

LaTeX templates for presentation slides can be found here.

Additional considerations for the design can be found on the website of IBR.

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