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Teamprojekt Verteilte Systeme: Providing Application Support for Exploring the Social Behavior of Bats

Winter 2014/2015
Module #INF-VS-024
IBR GroupDS (Prof. Kapitza)
TypeTeam Project
PhotoProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza

+49 531 3913294
Room 135
PhotoBjörn Cassens
Ehemaliger Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Attendees Studierende der Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik und Informations-Systemtechnik im vierten Semester
  • Basic knowledge of C programming language.
  • Interest in sensor networks and embedded systems.
  • Getting familiar with the distributed management tool CFEngine.
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The team project is based on a small sensor network application called 'Ernie-meets-Bert' and its associated middleware. The purpose of the application is to track the social contacts and meeting time of bats in the wild. In the most basic setting it is assumed that bats are equipped with very tiny and extremely resource-constrained sensor nodes which periodically emit beacons which provide information about the identity of a bat. If another bat receives such a beacon, it first records the contained information and the receiving time, and then a time duration of this encountering could be calculated when it doesn't hear from the same bat any more. This system has been developed during a previous team project and is used as a starting point for this team project. The focus during this team project is on optimizing the existing application to be energy aware. Furthermore, a base station net is used to receive data from each sensor. The base station network is also a distributed net and communicates via WLAN. All these base stations are located in a more or less difficult terrain. Therefore, modifications or setup changes are hard to maintain by hand and a management system must be used to facilitate updates and configuration changes. This management system should be developed in this team project by the help of CFEngine.

General Settings

During the initial phase of the project there will be an introduction to the SLOTH operating systen, the used hardware and into the current state of this project. Afterwards, a project plan will be worked out, which distributes the work to all team project members. During a weekly meeting, open questions or concepts can be discussed and a core working time will be negotiated for all participants. Furthermore, an informal intermediate and final presentation with a demo will be given by all group members. The documentation of the project includes besides major design decisions and description also the configuration and setup of the prototype (e.g., source code documentation and Wiki/TRAC entries).

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Bats Application Introduction
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