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Praktikum Cloud Computing

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Time & Place

Please refer to the schedule at bottom.


Basic knowledge in Java and a good understanding of distributed system.

Each participant needs a y-Account from GITZ.

CertificatesSuccessfully complete all tasks. Successfully participate in teamwork.
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The purpose of this practical course is to explore the way of implementing Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) into PaaS-Cloud platform. It will be done by: 1) first building proper opensource PaaS cloud on top of IaaS-Cloud OpenStack; 2) modifying PaaS platform runtime and middleware to support BFT. All tasks will be done on IBR StudentCloud, which is our own OpenStack-based private cloud for providing computation resources. Participants need to figure out if the PaaS platform is suitable to modify, and which part of the target platform has to be modified to provide API for BFT.

As an initial task, participants will first learn how to use StudentCloud and how to install a PaaS platform on top of it.

Following tasks could be adding sample cartridge as new runtime and middleware. Cartridges are high level services, such as Web servers, databases, as well as logging and monitoring tools. Actual tasks might vary according to the results of previous tasks.

The implementation are supposed to be carried out in groups of 2-3 students. Each group should then independently consider a task for further processing in the lab during the semester. Teaching assistant will help to make decision for task in case of a lack of own ideas.

Procedure: The practical course will start with an introduction to StudentCloud, with the plan and distribution of work packages. At weekly meeting, progress of each group will be discussed, in a form of documentation. There will be a short intermediate presentation and at the end a final presentation of the results including a demo.

Slides and Exercises for Praktikum Cloud Computing

The material is only available to registered attendees. In order to register, you need either an IBR POSIX account or a self-activated IBR-y-account. Afterwards you can login to this site.
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Kick-Off Meeting + Task 1
Review + Task 2
Review + Exercise 1-1
Review + Exercise 1-2
OpenShift Gears
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24.10.2014, 10:00Kick-off (IZ Room 105)
31.10.2014, 10:00Background Knowledge Study (IZ Room 105)
07.11.2014, 10:00Application Implement (IZ Room 105)
14.11.2014, 10:00Exercise 1 Report (IZ Room 105)
21.11.2014, 10:00Exercise 1 (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
28.11.2014, 10:00Exercise 1 (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
05.12.2014, 10:00Mid-term Presentation (IZ Room 105)
12.12.2014, 10:00Exercise 2 (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
19.12.2014, 10:00Exercise 2 (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
09.01.2015, 10:00Exercise 2 (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
16.01.2015, 10:00Exercise 2 (cont'd) Report (IZ Room 105)
23.01.2015, 10:00Result Evaluation (IZ Room 105)
30.01.2015, 10:00Final Presentation (IZ Room 105)

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