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Advanced Networking I

Module #INF-KM-04
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
PhotoProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
+49 531 3913288
Room 138
Time & Place nach Vereinbarung
Start28. Oktober 2014, 14:15, Room IZ105 (Infoveranstaltung)
Attendees (Diplom und Master) Studenten der Informatik und Elektrotechnik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informations-Systemtechnik, Medienwissenschaften, ITIS Studenten mit Nebenfach Informatik
PrerequisitesComputernetze 2, Mobilkommunikation
Certificates Eigene Beiträge während der Veranstaltung (Vorbereitung vor den Veranstaltungsterminen, Beitraege bei den Terminen sowie eigene Vortraege)
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20.11.2014, 09:45 UhrFirst round of presentations
CHANTS2014 Paper
  • Garlichs: Enhancing Opportunistic Networks with Legacy Nodes
  • Franke: Opportunistic Interaction in the Challenged Internet of Things
27.11.2014, 09:45 UhrSecond round of presentations
CHANTS2014 Paper
  • Wylegala: Dynamic framework for building highly-localized Mobile Web DTN applications
  • Schubert: WD2: An Improved WiFi-Direct Group Formation Protocol
11.12.2014, 09:45 UhrThird round of presentations
MOBICOM2014 Paper
  • Garlichs: Discovering Fine-grained RRC State Dynamics and Performance Impacts in Cellular Networks
  • Franke: A Practical Traffic Management System for Integrated LTE-WiFi Networks
08.01.2015, 09:45 UhrFourth round of presentations
MOBICOM2014 Paper
  • Wylegala: Caiipa: Automated Large-scale Mobile App Testing through Contextual Fuzzing
  • Schubert: Itus: An Implicit Authentication Framework for Android
15.01.2015, 09:45 UhrFifth round of presentations
MOBICOM2014 Paper
  • Garlichs: Rethink Energy Accounting with Multi-Player Game Theory
  • Franke: EkhoNet: High Speed Ultra Low-power Wireless for Next Generation Sensors
29.01.2015, 09:00 UhrSixth round of presentations
MOBICOM2014 Paper
  • Wylegala: A Case for Enhancing Dual Radio Repeater Performance Through Striping, Aggregation, and Channel Sharing
  • Schubert: Cutting the Cord: A Robust Wireless Facilities Network for Data Centers
  • MOBIARCH2014 Paper
  • Garlichs: ViFi: Virtualizing WLAN using Commodity Hardware
05.02.2015, 09:00 UhrSeventh round of presentations
MOBIARCH2014 Paper
  • Franke: COAP: A Software-Defined Approach for Home WLAN Management through an Open API
  • Wylegala: ParaDrop: A Multi-tenant Platform to Dynamically Install Third Party Services On Wireless Gateways
  • Schubert: Interest-aware Implicit Multicast (iCast): Opportunistic Mobile Data Dissemination Without Per-group Management

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