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Computational Geometry

SemesterWinter 2011/2012 [ Other terms: Winter 19/20 · Winter 18/19 · Winter 17/18 · Winter 16/17 · Winter 10/11 · Winter 09/10 · Winter 07/08 ]
Module # INF-ALG-18 , INF-ALG-18
Event #INF-ALG-007, INF-ALG-008
ProgrammesDiplom Informatik, Master Informatik, Diplom Wirtschaftsinformatik, Master Wirtschaftsinformatik
IBR GroupALG (Prof. Fekete)
PhotoProf. Dr. Sándor P. Fekete
+49 531 3913111
Room 335
PhotoDr. Christiane Schmidt
Ehemalige Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Time & Place

Lecture: Tuesday, 15:00 - 16:30 , PK 2.2
Exercises: Monday, 16:45 - 18:15 , IZ 305
small tutorial: Wednesday, 16:45 - 18:15 , IZ305

Start First Lecture: Tuesday, November 1
First Tutorial: Monday, November 14
First small tutorial: Wednesday, November 23
Certificates(Homework assignments during the semester, and)* an oral exam at the end. (*=Studienleistung)

After the course, the participants know the basic models of geometric algorithms. They are able to identify algorithmic difficulites of geometric problems and are able to formulate adequate objectives. They can handle different solution techniques and are able to develop algorithmic methods for yet unknown problems. They survey the practical relevance of problems and solutions.

We will speak English in class. Students are encouraged (but not required) to use English in exercises and exams as well.

  1. Geometric Problems and Data Structures
  2. Triangulation
  3. Localization
  4. Voronoi Diagrams
  5. Convex Hulls
  6. Motion planning for robots

Announcements and Dates

  • The oral exams will take place on Monday, 26.3., and Tuesday, 27.3.. The detailed (and updated) exam schedule has been distributed via the mailing list on February 10th, in case you did not receive this mail (or have another problem) please send an email to Christiane!
  • Homework set #5 is online: [PDF]
  • Homework set #4 is online: [PDF]
  • Homework set #3 is online: [PDF]
  • The third homework set (#2 that is ;)) is online: [PDF]
  • The second homework set (#1 that is ;)) is online: [PDF]
  • Attention: the first tutorial ist postponed to November 14 (not November 7)!!
  • The first homework set is online: [PDF]

General Information

  • Schedule of all lectures, tutorials etc.: [PDF]
  • There is a mailinglist. We will distribute the homework sets and other announcements via this list, so, please subscribe!

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