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Advanced Networking 2

Module #INF-KM-03
ProgrammesMaster Wirtschaftsinformatik, Master Internet Technologies and Information Systems, Master Informations-Systemtechnik, Master Informatik, Master Elektrotechnik
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
PhotoProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf

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Room 138
Time & Place

TBD, planned Thu 13:15

Kickoff for more information, Thu 13.April 2017, 13:15, IZ105

Start April 2017
Attendees Studenten der Informatik, Informations-Systemtechnik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Medientechnik und Kommunikation, Internet Technologies and Information Systems, Studenten mit Nebenfach Informatik

Computer Networks 2, Mobile Communications

Good knowledge about computer networks is mandatory, e.g. as taught in courses like computer networks 1 and 2. Further courses such as "Mobile Communications" are highly recommended.


German/English to be negotiated


Own contributions during the course (assignments and reports (e.g., 15 papers) to be submitted before the meeting dates, discussion contributions, own presentations (e.g., 3))


Registration deadline has passed. Please contact Prof. Wolf via email.

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This module deals with advanced aspects of computer networks. Instead of classic lecture (ex-cathedra teaching), active participation of the students is expected.

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19.05.2017, 11:30First round of presentations
  • Challenges of WiFi-Enabled and Solar-Powered Sensors for Smart Ports
  • Using Edge Analytics to Improve Data Collection in Precision Dairy Farming
  • Microsecond-Accuracy Time Synchronization Using the IEEE 802.15.4 TSCH Protocol
02.06.2017, 11:30Second round of presentations
  • MP-ALM: Exploring Reliable Multipath Multicast Streaming with Multipath TCP
  • Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks: What Blocks the Breakthrough?
  • Concurrent Transmissions for Communication Protocols in the Internet of Things
12.06.2017, 15:00Third round of presentations
  • AoT: Authentication and Access Control for the Entire IoT Device Life-Cycle
  • Staffetta: Smart Duty-Cycling for Opportunistic Data Collection
  • Effectively Capturing Attention Using the Capture Effect
23.06.2017, 11:30Fourth round of presentations
  • Data Prediction + Synchronous Transmissions = Ultra-low Power Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Amulet: An Energy-Efficient, Multi-Application Wearable Platform
  • B2W2: N-Way Concurrent Communication for IoT Devices
30.06.2017, 11:30Fifth round of presentations
  • A Synergistic Architecture for RPL over BLE
  • An Empirical Study on Urban IEEE 802.11p Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
  • Arpeggio: A Penetration Attack on Glossy Networks
10.07.2017, 15:00Sixth round of presentations
  • Counteracting Denial-of-Sleep Attacks in Wake-Up-Radio-Based Sensing Systems
  • Feluda: Provenance-Enabled Diagnosis of Elusive Network Failures in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Smart Congestion Control for Delay- and Disruption Tolerant Networks

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