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Advanced Networking II

Module #INF-KM-03
ProgrammesDiplom Wirtschaftsinformatik, Diplom Elektrotechnik, Diplom Informatik, Diplom Informations-Systemtechnik, Diplom Wirtschaftsinformatik, Master Elektrotechnik, Master Informatik, Master Informations-Systemtechnik, Master Internet Technologies and Information Systems, Master Wirtschaftsinformatik
IBR GroupCM (Prof. Wolf)
PhotoProf. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
+49 531 3913288
Room 138
Time & Place

TBD, planned Thu 14:00

Start April 2013
Attendees Studenten der Informatik, Informations-Systemtechnik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Medientechnik und Kommunikation, Internet Technologies and Information Systems, Studenten mit Nebenfach Informatik

Good knowledge about computer networks is mandatory, e.g. as taught in courses like computer networks I and II. Further courses such as "Mobile Communications" are highly recommended.


German/English to be negotiated


Own contributions during the course (assignments and reports (e.g., 15 papers) to be submitted before the meeting dates, discussion contributions, own presentations (e.g., 3))


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This module deals with advanced aspects of computer networks. Instead of classic lecture (ex-cathedra teaching), active participation of the students is expected.

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25.04.2013, 13:30 UhrErste Runde Vortraege im Raum IZ119 (SenSys 2012)
SchröderLow-power wireless bus
RodBroadcast-free collection protocol
02.05.2013, 13:15 UhrZweite Runde Vortraege im Raum IZ105 (SenSys 2012)
GroßKyun queue: a sensor network system to monitor road traffic queues
van BalenAcc: generic on-demand accelerations for neighbor discovery in mobile applications
16.05.2013, 13:15 UhrDritte Runde Vortraege im Raum IZ105 (SenSys 2012 und EWSN2013)
YanPrius: generic hybrid trace compression for wireless sensor networks
SchröderTrainSense: A Novel Infrastructure to Support Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks
30.05.2013, 13:15 UhrVierte Runde Vortraege im Raum IZ105 (EWSN2013)
RodHybridStore: An Efficient Data Management System for Hybrid Flash-Based Sensor Devices
GroßData-Aware, Resource-Aware, Lossless Compression for Sensor Networks
06.06.2013, 13:15 UhrFuenfte Runde Vortraege im Raum IZ105 (EWSN2013)
van BalenOnline Device-Level Energy Accounting for Wireless Sensor Nodes
YanBattery State-of-Charge Approximation for Energy Harvesting Embedded Systems
20.06.2013, 13:15 UhrSechste Runde Vortraege im Raum IZ105 (BuildSys2012)
van BalenBuilding the case for automated building energy management
RodMinimizing intrusiveness in home energy measurement
04.07.2013, 13:15 UhrSiebte Runde Vortraege im Raum IZ105 (BuildSys2012)
GroßBuildingDepot: an extensible and distributed architecture for building data storage, access and sharing
SchröderAccurate real-time occupant energy-footprinting in commercial buildings
YanDesigning cost-efficient wireless sensor/actuator networks for building control systems

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