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Supervised Theses

Completed theses:

Lokale bedarfsangepasste Steuerung für elektrische Verbraucher am Beispiel einer KühlschranksteuerungBachelor ThesisDr. Felix Büsching, Yannic Schröder, Georg von Zengenfinished
Level measurement and communication in drainage systemsMaster ThesisDr. Felix Büsching, Georg von Zengenfinished
InPhaseMaster ThesisDr. Felix Büsching, Stephan Rottmann, Georg von Zengenfinished
ClimbNet: Network based altitude measurement for climbersBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisGeorg von Zengenfinished
Evaluation of Security Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks based on the Bundle ProtocolBachelor ThesisGeorg von Zengen, Dr. Dominik Schürmann, Dr. Felix Büschingfinished
Evaluation of real-time WSN applications using the example of Glossy Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisGeorg von Zengen, Dr. Ulf Kulaufinished
Design and implemntation of a TDMA MAC-layer for IEEE802.15.4 NetworksMaster ThesisGeorg von Zengen, Yannic Schröderfinished
Implementation of an Ultra-Wide-Band(UWB) SnifferProject ThesisGeorg von Zengen, Yannic Schröderfinished
Development of a software platform for using smart plugs by smart devicesBachelor ThesisYannic Schröder, Georg von Zengenfinished
Statistical approach for the InPhase positioning systemBachelor ThesisYannic Schröder, Georg von Zengen, Stephan Rottmannfinished

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