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Distributed Systems and Network Management
The research group "Distributed Systems and Network Management" is working on problems related to distributed systems. Topics of interest include basic algorithms for distributed systems, process migration and load balancing, performance evaluation and management tools for complex networked environments.

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Publications 1998
  • Q. Sun, H. Langendörfer: An Efficient Delay-Constrained Multicast Routing Algorithm. Journal of High-Speed Networks 7(1), 1998.

  • D. Levi, J. Schönwälder: Definitions of Managed Objects for Scheduling Management Operations. Internet Draft <draft-ietf-disman-schedule-mib-06.txt>, November 1998.

  • M.R. Lyu, J. Schönwälder: WEB-CASRE: A Web-Based Tool for Software Reliability Measurement. 9th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, Paderborn (Germany), November 1998.

  • J. Schönwälder, M. Bolz, S. Mertens, J. Quittek, A. Kind, J. Nicklisch: SMX - Script MIB Extensibility Protocol Version 1.0. Computer Science Report 98-07, October 1998.

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  • Q. Sun, H. Langendörfer: Routing for Low Call Blocking in High-Speed General Topology Networks. Computer Networks and ISDN Systems 30(8), May 1998.

  • S. Petri, M. Bolz, H. Langendörfer: Transparent Migration and Rollback for Unmodified Applications in Workstation Clusters. Technical Report 98-02, April 1998.

  • M.R. Lyu, J. Schönwälder: Bringing Software Tools to the Web - Architecture Issues and Porting Experience. International Symposium on Internet Technology 98, Taipei, April 1998.

  • J. Schönwälder, S. Garg, Y. Huang, A.P.A van Moorsel, S. Yajnik: A Management Interface for Distributed Fault Tolerance CORBA Services. 3rd IEEE Workshop on Systems Management, Rhode Island, April 1998.

  • S. Petri, M. Bolz, H. Langendörfer: Migration and Rollback Transparency for arbitrary Distributed Applications in Workstation Clusters. 2nd RTSPP Workshop, Orlando, March 1998.

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