IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking: Electronic Submission

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking welcomes the submission of manuscripts via ftp in postscript form. Authors wishing to submit a paper electronically should email a cover letter to the Editor-in-Chief and submit as described below:

ToN editor-in-chief: Professor Simon S. Lam
Department of Computer Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas 78712-1188

ToN editorial assistant: Ms. Kata Carbone

phone: (512) 471-9524 (Kata), 471-9531 (voice message)
fax: (512) 471-8885

  1. Cover Letter : The cover letter should include the paper title and author names, and the name, email address, postal address, phone and fax numbers of the correspondence author.

    The cover letter should also explicitly state the number of pages included in the document (and give some indication of the contents of the last page), and whether the document has been compressed or uuencoded (using the UNIX compress or uuencode commands). A short description of the software/system used to create the manuscript postcript file (e.g., LaTex on a SUN Sparc) should also be included in the email cover letter.

  2. Manuscript : The manuscript must be a *single* postscript file. Authors should be careful to use only commonly available fonts and should ensure that all figures are included within the single postscript file. If non-standard fonts are needed or figures cannot be included within the postscript file, then paper copies of the manuscript will have to be submitted.

    The postscript version of the manuscript should be sent via anonymous ftp to

    and put into the subdirectory


    Please name your file according to the following convention:


    where [Lastname] is the last name of the correspondence author and [nnnn] is any four-digit number. E.g., if the correspondence author's last name is Smith, then the file may be named

    Authors who cannot ftp their manuscript can submit via email to But ftp submission is preferred. Please note that in order to protect the confidentiality of submitted papers, you will not be able to do "ls" to list files in the pub/lam/ToN subdirectory.

    We will view the file and let you know by email whether or not we can handle your electronic submission.

  3. IEEE Copyright Form : A hardcopy IEEE copyright form should be sent via postal mail when a paper is submitted electronically. A copyright form appears in the February 1993 issue of the journal, and can also be obtained via anonymous ftp to from