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Completed Supervised Theses

Design, Implementierung und Evaluation eines sicheren verteilten Datenspeichers für drahtlose SensornetzeMaster ThesisDr. Felix Büsching, Dominik Schürmannfinished
Implementation of BANDANA on AndroidProject ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
DHCP VulnerabilitiesProject ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
Implementation of Forward Security for Delay-Tolerant NetworksProject ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
Implementation and Evaluation of Identity-Based Cryptography for Delay-Tolerant NetworksMaster Thesis, Project ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
Development of a X.509-based Public-Key Infrastructure for Delay-Tolerant NetworksBachelor ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
Security Evaluation of Cryptographic Schemes in OpenPGPMaster Thesis, Project ThesisDominik Schürmann, Dr. Jürgen Koslowskifinished
Complementing the Web of Trust with AffirmationsMaster ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
NFC-Based Communication between Hardware Security Modules and SmartphonesBachelor ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
Development of an On-Screen Keyboard for Automatic Encryption and Decryption on AndroidBachelor ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
Teamprojekt: International Cyber Security ContestsDominik Schürmannfinished
Implementing a Man-in-the-middle attack on a VoIP SessionProject ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
Evaluation of Attacks against ZRTPBachelor ThesisDominik Schürmannfinished
Cooperative Usage of Charging Stations for Autonomous VehiclesMaster ThesisDr. Julian Timpner, Dominik Schürmannfinished
Evaluation of Security Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks based on the Bundle ProtocolBachelor ThesisGeorg von Zengen, Dominik Schürmann, Dr. Felix Büschingfinished

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