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Storyboard: Dealing with Mispredictions in a Prediction-Based, Deterministic, Multithreaded, Distributed System

BetreuerArthur Martens
ProfessorProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza
IBR GruppeDS (Prof. Kapitza)

Brief Description

For active replication of distributed systems a key requirement is a deterministic execution of the application. Nowadays multi- and many-core architectures, however, encourage multithreaded applications to utilize the full performance Mutlithreading, in turn, leads to non-deterministic behavior which is caused by the OS-Scheduler.

Storyboard is a framework that ensures the deterministic execution of multithreaded applications by forcing all synchronized regions to be accessed in a forecast and well defined order. But forecasts do not necessarily need to be always correct. If a thread tries to access a synchronized region that was not predicted, a deterministic reprediction needs to take place on all machines.

The main task of this bachelor thesis is to implement a deterministic reprediction mechanism in Storyboard and test the implementation with suitable examples of replicated distributed systems where repredictions occur frequently.

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