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Contiki vs RIOT: Performance evaluation of RPL

Betreuer Robert Hartung
Professor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf
IBR Gruppe CM (Prof. Wolf)
Art Projektarbeit
Status offen


Contiki and RIOT are Operating Systems for modern Wireless Sensor Networks and designed for the paradigm of the Internet of Things. An implementation of the RPL protocol is present in both of these operating systems. However, RIOT uses a different software architecture and additionally offers power management to save energy.

The idea of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of software, in our case the RPL protocol implementation. First of all, a generic performance evaluation method is to be developed, in order to evaluate difference software on different platforms. Afterwards, the RPL implementation of RIOT and Contiki should be evaluated on different hardware platforms using your developed software.


  • Analyze both the Contiki and RIOT system architecture, and identify major differences
  • Look at the RPL implementation and identify major differences
  • Develop a test method and hardware platform to measure performance of software on different hardware platforms
  • Make extensive experiments with evaluations of the RPL implementation in both worlds


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