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Reliable PaaS Cloud with Byzantine Fault Tolerance

BetreuerBijun Li
ProfessorProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza
IBR GruppeDS (Prof. Kapitza)
ArtMasterarbeit, Projektarbeit


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS ) cloud is a category of cloud computing services that provides a platform to customers and allow them to develop, run and manage their applications without concerns of building and maintaining the infrastructure. PaaS cloud services can be delivered as a whole package, including networks, servers, storage, operating system, language runtime and other necessary services to host custmers' applications, therefore customers are only in charge of software deployment and configuration settings. While public PaaS cloud services can be found as Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine, they're designed and mainly used for genaric-purpose applications, which don't have specifically high requirements in reliability and robustness. Moreover, using public clouds might always lead to a concern of security issues, in terms of user information and data safety. Applications with high replicability and safety requirments have an essential demand of private, repliable PaaS clouds.

From PCC WS15/16 we have achieved an initial prototype of BFT-Dep as an extension to the popular open-source cloud OpenShift Origin, providing an automatic deployment and management for BFT-enabled applications. However, so far this prototype does not use the full functionality of the BFT protocol library, such as cluster re-configuration, also the implementation needs to be generalized to be compatible with generic applications.


Within the BFT-Dep prototype, reliability improvement is already realized by integrating Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) protocol into the platform. BFT protocols are designed based on the well-established State Machine Replication (SMR) fault-tolerant approach. By replicating services, BFT protocol allows the system to continue to provide correct services even if some of the replicas crashed or behave in an arbitrary way, due to faults or malicious intruders. BFT-Dep modularizes and integrates BFT protocols instances into PaaS cloud as built-in services and delivers to customers (i.e. software developers). Using BFT-Dep during deployment, the application can be automatically replicated and coordinated without developers' additional cares. To introduce cluster re-configuration, deployment needs to be more flexible and aware of cluster changes. The goal is to guarantee high robustness and applicability of reliable services for generic customer applications in a dynamic cloud environment.

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