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PotatoNet - Outdoor Testbed to evaluate WSNs exposed to real environmental conditions

Saison 2016 | Saison 2015


  • 16.02.2016: Evaluation of IdealVolting with 16 nodes! Measurement of the energy efficiency by using the PotatoScopes is planned
  • 09.12.2015: Relaunch of the PotatoNet for the winter season. Nine additional nodes were added to the network. Also a webcam was installed, which takes a picture every 15 minutes.
  • 11.09.2015: Removal of PotatoNet due to harvesting. Relaunch of PotatoNet at the edge of the potato field. All nodes are online again.
  • 25.08.2015: Relaunch of the PotatoNet without any problems. Evaluation of IdealVolting is online again. Also, we got a couple of important hardware components delivered, so expect Potatotnet to grow (and evolve) soon.
  • 21.08.2015: Temporary removal of the Potatonet due to the upcoming harvest. Restart of evaluations is planned for the 26.08.2015.
  • 17.07.2015: Start of the evaluation to analyze the reliability of undervolted WSNs using IdealVolting
  • 09.07.2015: Setup of the measurement equippment to evaluate the drought stress of potato crops.
  • 04.07.2015: Something (oder somebody) cut the Uplink cable. The damage has already been repaired.
  • 29.06.2015: The first evaluation of undervolting-capable wireless sensor node under real environmental conditions! This evaluation will show the inmpact of temperatures on the reliability and energy efficiency of the WSN
  • 20.06.2015: Visit PotatoNet at TU-Night 2015 on Saturday evening, June 27th. You can find us at the "Alan Turing Allee" (directly behind Informatikzentrum, Mühlenpfordtstr. 23).
  • 30.05.2015: It is science! First real epxerimental payload running. We are analysing the deployment's topology under different conditions.
  • 29.05.2015: Installed VDSL link in Dehtlingen. Hoping for a more stable uplink!
  • 22.05.2015: Deployment in Dethlingen! Only 3G uplink for now.


Some interesting pictures from construction, deployment and operation of Potatonet can be found in our gallery.

Open Source Downloads

We we will provide links to custom hard- and software we designed for PotatoNet here.


Project members at IBR

Name EMail Phone Room
Dr. Ulf Kulau kulau[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de +49-531-3913290 110
Stephan Rottmann rottmann[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de +49-531-3913154 118
Björn Gernert gernert[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de +49-531-3913285 112
Dr. Sebastian Schildt schildt[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Wolf wolf[[at]]ibr.cs.tu-bs.de +49-531-3913288 138


Title Type Supervisor Status
Master Thesis, Project Thesis Björn Gernert open
Risk-oriented Task Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Nodes Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau open
An adaptive prediction approach for low power WSN Master Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau running
Energy Harvesting für Sensorknoten unter Nutzung der Bodentemperatur Bachelor Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau running
Implementing and Evaluating AWuR on Amphisbaena Bachelor Thesis Björn Gernert, Stephan Rottmann finished
Advance Precision Farming by delay tolerant gathering of sendor data Bachelor Thesis Björn Gernert finished
Integration eines dynamischen Energiemodells zur Simulation der Energieaufnahme drahtloser Sensornetze unter realen Umgebungsbedingungen Master Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau finished
Verteilte Energiemessung in drahtlosen Sensornetzen im Außeneinsatz Master Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau finished
Entwicklung eines Micro-Source-Energy-Harvesters für Sensorknoten Master Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau finished
Datenerhebung von IEEE 802.15.4 Radios unter verschiedenen Temperatureinflüssen Bachelor Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau, Robert Hartung finished
Energieeffiziente Messstation für verteilte Trockenstressmessungen an Kartoffelpflanzen Master Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau finished
Abhärtung von Programmen in fehleranfälligen WSNs Bachelor Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau, Arthur Martens finished
Energieeffizienzanalyse des RPL-Protokolls im Falle transienter Knotenausfälle Project Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau, Arthur Martens finished
Zielfunktion zur effizienten und robusten Wegewahl in WSNs Bachelor Thesis Dr. Ulf Kulau finished

If you are interested in writing a thesis regarding this project, please feel free to contact Dr. Ulf Kulau.

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