TU Braunschweig, Computer Science, Operating Systems and Computer Networks

Tkined - a Tk based network editor

The Tkined network editor is a re-implementation of the original INED network editor based on the Tcl/Tk X11 toolkit. The main feature of Tkined is its programming interface that allows applications to use Tkined as a user interface. Most applications are written using Scotty, an extension for the Tool Command Language (Tcl) for network management applications.

Below is are some screen dumps of the network editor can be found. Click on the small image to download the screen dump in the original size.

  • A screen shot showing the news server network. (30 KByte)
  • A screen shot showing a wiremap of our department. (24 KByte)
  • A screen shot showing a mib browser (part of Scotty). (20 KByte)
  • The current status of our network. (experimental)
  • Some movies that show a day in our network life. (very experimental)
  • The description of the network management project contains references to published papers. More information about Tkined can be found in the
  • Tkined man page
  • Tkined sources (part of the scotty distribution) (~ 1400 KByte gzip tar archive)
  • Tkined FAQ,
  • mailing list archive 1996
  • mailing list archive 1995
  • mailing list archive 1994
  • papers published in this project
  • contributed software

  • Jürgen Schönwälder / schoenw@ibr.cs.tu-bs.de