[tkined] getbulk pdu

From: Vinod Jayaraman (vinod@lanterncom.com)
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 23:23:41 MET

I am sorry to be reposting the question regarding getbulk request but this
time it is with some clarifications :

- We are using scotty version 2.1.10 on solaris 2.7
- We are using scotty for BOTH the agent and the manager
- Both the scotty agent and scotty manager are configured for SNMPv2C

The problem

- The getbulk-request doesn't seem to get processed correctly by the agent:
  e.g doing getbulk requests for the ifTable (in which there are 148
     * $s getbulk 0 3 "ifIndex" only returns value for ifIndex.1 -the agent
does not generate an error ie %E is noError
     * $s getbulk 1 3 "sysName ifIndex" only returns value for sysName.0 and
ifIndex.1 and generates an error %E is "tooBig"

- snmp walk works fine

   * $s walk x "ifIndex ifSpeed" { puts $x} prints out the values for all
148 entries in the ifTable. The pdu type received by the agent is
getbulk-request (since I assume internally "walk" use getbulk requests)

- I assume the problem lies at the scotty agent side since the scotty
manager can correctly handle getbulk when it is talking with a non-scotty
agent implementation.

- my question is that what needs to be done at the scotty AGENT side to
process these getbulk requests correctly?

- has anybody used getbulk successfuly with a scotty AGENT?

Thanks and I apreciate you help!


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