Re: [tkined] Memory Leaks

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 22:50:15 MET

>>>>> Sanapoori, Hari writes:

Hari> Recently, there was segmentation faults when we ran our test
Hari> scripts for more than 2 days. When I did some investigation on
Hari> this, I found that, there is some memory leaks in mib parsing
Hari> sections. I used workshop from Sun to get the memory leaks. I
Hari> did the following steps after starting the tcl shell.
Hari> 1. Tnm::snmp generator 2. snmp0 configure 3. snmp0 destroy
Hari> 4. exit
Hari> The memory leaks (actual) reported by workshop is shown below...

The Tnm code never even tried to free loaded MIB data. It relies on
the operating system to get release the memory on process termination.
Even though this may sound bad, it usually is not an issue since the
number of MIBs you load is usually limited by some reasonable bounds.
(And loading the same MIB multiple times will not lead to memory

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