[tkined] Memory Leaks

From: Sanapoori, Hari (Hari.Sanapoori@marconi.com)
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 21:37:40 MET

I am using the scotty build scotty-00-02-21.tar.gz
<ftp://ftp.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de/pub/local/tkined/devel/scotty-00-02-21.tar.gz> .
We are using it for sometime and it pretty useful for us. Recently, there
was segmentation faults when we ran our test scripts for more than 2 days.
When I did some investigation on this, I found that, there is some memory
leaks in mib parsing sections. I used workshop from Sun to get the memory
leaks. I did the following steps after starting the tcl shell.
1. Tnm::snmp generator
2. snmp0 configure
3. snmp0 destroy
4. exit
The memory leaks (actual) reported by workshop is shown below...
Actual leaks report (actual leaks: 42 total size: 44316 bytes)
 Total Num of Leaked Allocation call stack
 Size Blocks Block
====== ====== ========== =======================================
 20784 8 - TnmMibReadFrozen<-TnmMibParse
 15346 7 - TnmMibReadFrozen<-TnmMibParse
  4260 7 - TnmMibReadFrozen<-TnmMibParse
  3456 8 - TnmMibReadFrozen<-TnmMibParse
   414 10 - TnmMibParse<-TnmMibLoadFile
    28 1 0x3d5738
    28 1 0x3d5700

When I click one of the memorly leak link, it takes me to the statement
nodePtr = TnmMibReadFrozen(fp);
in TnmMibParser.c
I tried to go through the code to find the correct location. But it thought
it would be nice if I shed this to all so that somebody might have noted
this and have submitted a patch for this. If so, can anybody tell me where
is the patch located...

Hari Prasad Sanapoori
Marconi Communications, Inc.
Warrendale, PA


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