[tkined] input for the SNMPv3 working group of the IETF

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (schoenw@ibr.cs.tu-bs.de)
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 01:18:43 MET

The SNMPv3 working group wants to move the RFC 1905 - RFC 1907 from
Draft to Standard. In order to do so, the WG needs to collect
implementation and deployment information. Below is the implementation
report for the scotty package. If you have deployed scripts based on
the scotty package, please consider to submit a report. If you submit
a report, please file it correctly. The IETF needs to know which
features have been deployed.

Please send the reports to Dave Harrington <dbh@enterasys.com>. I
think that Dave will keep your report anonymous if this is important.
I can also help to make reports anonymous in case you trust me.


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>>>>> David Harrington writes:

David> We need both implementation and deployment reports for these
David> features of SNMP, based on RFCs 1905,6, and 7 or the updated
David> internet-drafts of those RFCs.

Below is an implementation report for the scotty package. I will send
a message to the mailing list and ask users to submit deployment
reports (which I generally do not have).

RFC1905 New Features

         GetBulk implemented (1)
         Inform implemented
         Snmpv2Trap implemented
         New error codes implemented
         Exceptions implemented

RFC1906 New Features

         SNMPv2 over UDP implemented
         SNMPv2 over OSI -
         SNMPv2 over DDP -
         AppleTalk Addressing -
         SNMPv2 over IPX -
         Proxy to SNMPv1 -

RFC1907 New Features

         The System Group implemented
         The SNMP Group implemented
         Well-known Traps (2)
         The Set Group (2)

(1) The agent implementation is restricted in the number of
repetitions it actually does. Some applications still have
problems to handle incomplete repetitions correctly.

(2) The agent code does not implement this itself, although
some scripts do implement these traps/objects.


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