[tkined] SNMPv3 support

From: Dunford, Martin (MDunford@unispherenetworks.com)
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 16:43:14 MET

  I downloaded and rebuilt (to get rid of the expiration mechanism) the
3.0.0 SNMPv3 snapshot (scotty-00-02-19-win.zip) under Windows NT. I've had
a number of problems with it. Has anyone out there used it? The problems
I found are listed below, I would appreciate anyones feedback on their
 - Range restriction Node information was not being recorded in the binary
    'frozen file' format that is used to record MIB information once the MIB
      has been parsed. (I fixed this)

  - Size restrictions don't seem to be supported. e.g

  - When initiating an SNMPv3 generator command as follows

       Tnm::snmp -version SNMPv3 -engineID 80000E....

    the engine ID is read in as an ASCII string instead of raw hex data (I
fixed this)

If anyone is aware of further limitations/restrcitions I would greatly
appreciate hearing
about it, thanks


Martin Dunford Unisphere Solutions
(978) 614 5312 5 Carlisle Road
mdunford@unisphere.cc Westford, MA


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