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Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 17:51:16 MET

Folks, this is an exchange between Eric Shoenflder and I which he requested
be put on
the tkined list.

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this time i tried your from address, which seems to bounce.

> *Sigh*. It's a persistent problem here. I don't know why. I apologize for
> the inconvenience.

the bouncogramincluding the original mail is appended.

I thought about that, but I wasn't sure it was appropriate. It's not really
Scotty question per se, more of a VC++6.0 question.

<now replied to tkined.>

Les> I get the following linker errors when building the Scotty
Les> .dll with VC++ 6.0. Please advise.
>well, your linker line starts with
>C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~2\VC98\bin\link /DLL c:/progra~1/tcl/lib/tcl82.lib
> oncrpc.lib resolv.lib wsock32.lib -out:tnm.dll .\tnmDns.obj [...]
>while running nmake here i got:
>> -entry:_DllMainCRTStartup@12 -dll c:/tcl/lib/tcl83.lib oncrpc.lib
>> resolv.lib wsock32.lib msvcrt.lib oldnames.lib kernel32.lib ws2_32.lib
>> mswsock.lib advapi32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib comdlg32.lib
>> winspool.lib -out:tnm.dll .\tnmDns.obj [...]
>there are options and libraries missing at the linker line.
>did you use the win/makefile ?

Yes, I did. All I did was change TOOLS32 in the makefile. You have several
files which are not represented in the makefile I'm using. There is a macro
referenced in the makefile which is not initialized - guilibsdll There is
nothing in
the makefile which sets /RELEASE or those flags.

If all I need to do is replace the $(link) line in the existing makefile,

I note that there's a line in the makefile:

##!include <ntwin32.mak>

Is this the missing piece? Which path controls that ( assuming it's
uncommented out)?

# Targets

all: tnm.dll tkined.dll

tnm.dll: $(TNMOBJS) oncrpc.lib resolv.lib
     $(link) $(linkdebug) $(dlllflags) \
          $(TCLP)/lib/tcl$(TCL_DLL_VERSION).lib \
          oncrpc.lib resolv.lib wsock32.lib \
          $(guilibsdll) -out:tnm.dll $(TNMOBJS)

tkined.dll: $(TKIOBJS)
     $(link) $(linkdebug) $(dlllflags) \
          $(TCLP)/lib/tcl$(TCL_DLL_VERSION).lib \
          $(TCLP)/lib/tk$(TK_DLL_VERSION).lib $(guilibsdll) \
          -out:tkined.dll $(TKIOBJS)

I wonder if I somehow ended up with the wrong .zip file. It's supposed to
scotty-00-02-21.zip .

> it should work fine after setting the
>correct path's.

Which paths? There's no mention of it in the README. I don't speak VC++ 6.0
very well.
One of the reasons I use Tcl. :)

> Erik

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