Re: [tkined] after/job in foreach loop creates a loss of program flow?

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 12:53:10 MET

>>>>> Matthew Levine writes:

Matthew> I've been using the after command to implement packet retries
Matthew> and I noticed that when the after callback executes, I lose
Matthew> my context in the for loop its in.

Matthew> A little code might help....

Matthew> foreach host $hosts { set msgid [send_packet $host] set
Matthew> rx($msgid) [after $timeout [list send_packet $host]] }

Matthew> On the receive side I cancel the after command when I receive
Matthew> an ack for the packet I send.

Matthew> The problem is, if that after callback ever gets executed, I
Matthew> lose my place in the for loop and send_packet isn't called
Matthew> for the rest of the $hosts.

No, this can't be true. Tcl never executes an after callback while
evaluating a for loop. I did the following script based on your
example and it produces the output "a b c d a b c d " as it should.

set hosts [list a b c d]
set timeout 1000

proc send_packet {host} {
    puts -nonewline "$host "
    flush stdout

foreach host $hosts {
    set msgid [send_packet $host]
    set rx($msgid) [after $timeout [list send_packet $host]]

Matthew> I've tried to replace the after code with the job command
Matthew> from Scotty but get the same result.

Matthew> Is there a reason why this happens and how I can workaround
Matthew> it?

I guess your problem is somewhere else.


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