[tkined] Trouble loading Mibs

From: TomST (TomST@netins.com)
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 15:52:22 MET


I am running tkined 1.4.10 on a Linux box. I am trying to load a enterprise
type mib for use. I have read what doc I can find and it says to add the
lappend scotty_mibs mibfilename
to the init.tcl file. It also mentions a lot of pre defined variables
($SCOTTY_HOME and $tnm(mibs) ) that I do not have loaded. Do I need to load
all of these in a startup file for normal operation? I also noticed that I
have a few init.tcl file but I am not sure which one I am using. I have
tried to load the line in each with no luck. Also it mentioned a site
directory which I do not have. Should this directory be created?

Any help would be appreciated.



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