[tkined] Need Cisco Orientation for Scotty/SNMP

From: Doug Simpson (dsimpson@doas.state.ga.us)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 20:33:22 MET DST


I am new to Linux/Tcl/Expect/Scotty/SNMP. During the past few months, I have taught myself bash, awk, sed, tr, cut, sort, join, tcl, and expect. I'm using these tools to deal with automating tasks relating to a large number of Cisco switches and routers. During five months, this is the first time I've had to ask for help. Surfing and books have been sufficient.

Now that I've established my credentials as a newbie with heart, I'd like to ask for some guidance in using Scotty/SNMP in a Cisco context. I have it installed and working, but need help in these areas:

o Cisco-specific mibs. Which ones and loaded in which order? I saw mention of Cisco load-order as an issue in a posting to this list, but the order was not given. Is there one set of loads (and one order) that will do for all Cisco devices, or are multiple sets of loads required for different purposes?

o Mapping of mib object names or oids to fields as displayed in show commands on Cisco routers and switches. This is the biggest missing puzzle piece. I need a Rosetta stone that relates the show command output fields to the Cisco mib namespace. Failing that, perhaps a technique for discovering these mappings manually.

o Scotty examples showing snmp gets, sets, and mib commands to Cisco routers and switches.

o Advice on integrating scotty and expect into a single shell.

o List of web pages, books, other resources to help. What SNMP primer is recommended--O'Reilly perhaps?

Right now, my strategy is to use expect and spend a fair amount of time parsing the show command output. Once I'm over the SNMP/scotty learning curve, I hope to ease my parsing burden with more straightforward code that gets the information field by field.



Doug Simpson
Router Engineer
State of Georgia, USA


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