[tkined] Receiving a different trap than sent one

From: Javier Campoamor (campoamor@argen.net)
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 10:54:14 MET DST


In my agent, I have to send a trap after receiving a set. The problem that
I'm having is that I send a trap but the manager application (SNMPv1)
receives another one.

This is the line where I send the trap:
    $trapSession trap mlosSltSingleRes [list [list mlosDN $gMlosDN]]

where the mlosSltSingleRes is:
        mlosSltSingleRes nonLeaf

The trap recived in the manager is:
        UFFITL: callBack. TrapId =

I have read in the snmp man pages that "It is possible to convert a SNMPv1
trap definition into a snmpTrapOid object identifier by appending the
generic and specific trap number to the enterprise object identifier."
How can I do this? I know which the object identifier is, but I don't know
where to find the enterprise oid (perhaps, and the generic
& specific number.

TIA and best regards.

Javier Campoamor

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