[tkined] Bind to an event

From: Javier Campoamor (campoamor@argen.net)
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 16:26:57 MET DST


I'm trying to create an agent to emulate a Siemens equipment. I am using
Scotty 2.1.10 over a Solaris box. The problem that I'm having is that I
can't find the way to bind a script to a event. When I put the commands
inside the bind command everything works, but when I try to use a procedure
I always get a general error.

For example, a simple procedure that only write a word doesn't work.

proc nothing {} {
    puts "Nothing"


global gSltDN
$s instance sltDN.0 gSltDN "913158562"

# This doesn't work
$s bind sltDN.0 set { nothing }

# This does work
$s bind sltDN.0 set { puts "Nothing" }

Does anyone have an idea about where is the problem?

Thanks in advance


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