Re: [tkined] agent-addr in scotty 3.0.0

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 07:55:54 MET DST

>>>>> Shahzad Sarwar writes:

Shahzad> What is the format of tcl command that can use agent-addr
Shahzad> when sending a trap..

The Tcl does not give you access to the agent-addr field, which is
SNMPv1 specific. There was a debate about this field in the SNMPv3
working group and the WG finally decided that it is not valuable to
expose this information in SNMPv2c or SNMPv3.

The final outcome was that they defined a snmpTrapAddress object type
in the SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB (published as RFC 2576) which can report an
IP address as a varbind element. However, it is limited to the
IpAddress data type and thus IMHO broken. But such is life in the IETF
concensus process, especially in the SNMPv3 working group.


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