Re: [tkined] a question on job creation

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 08:35:38 MET DST

>>>>> Isnur Rochmad writes:

Isnur> At the moment I'm writing a script to poll some nodes with many
Isnur> items to poll, i.e. cpu load, disk load, tcp traffic etc. I
Isnur> take different approach from that of tkined, where I create a
Isnur> job for each node and item. The reason is that I'd like to be
Isnur> able to control the jobs easily. For example, I can stop or
Isnur> modify a particular polling job (to a node) without stopping
Isnur> others. But, I still wonder how much memory would be needed,
Isnur> especially when the number of nodes is large.

Hard to tell without any details. The amount of memory you need
really depends on what you do with the data and how well your code
is written. My experience is that memory is usually not a critical
resource for well written monitoring scripts.

Isnur> One more thing, when I create a job does it mean that I create
Isnur> a new thread ?

No. The job command is just a thin layer on top of the Tcl core event
loop mechanism. It works well if the commands executed by the jobs are
short and non-blocking - such as sending asynchronous polling requests.

Thread support was only recently added to Tcl and the Tnm package has
still many places where it is not thread-safe.


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