Re: [tkined] Loading MIBs...

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 08:31:28 MET DST

>>>>> Brock Rycenga writes:

Brock> I am trying to load a MIB. When I execute the "mib load [mib
Brock> file name]" command, I don't get any errors. However, it's
Brock> obviously not working since it isn't recognizing any of the
Brock> variables that were defined in my MIB. Also, when I read the
Brock> $tnm(mibs) list, I don't see that the MIB I loaded was
Brock> added.

The global variable tnm(mibs) reports the default MIBs that are loaded
if you do not explicitely load your own set of MIBs. This variable
does not report what has been loaded.

Back to your problem: It is hard to make any helpful comments without
knowing any more details. The first thing I recommend to do in cases
like this is to check the MIB module using a validating MIB compiler
such as smilint <URL:>.
Once you know the module is correct, you may want to check whether the
module depends on any other modules that must be loaded first. (But I
think you should get an error message in this case.) It also helps to
test things on a Unix box since the error messages generated by the
MIB parser do not show up on the Win32 version (since they still go
directly to stderr).


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