Re: [tkined] Scotty. Agent

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 10:13:44 MET DST

>>>>> Collard Joseph writes:

Collard> Hello, I would like to start to develop a SNMP Agent with
Collard> Scotty. I am currently working with Scotty v3.0.0 ( win32
Collard> port snapshot). The doc for Tnm::snmp RESPONDER SESSION
Collard> COMMANDS noted XXX This is all outdated! XXX . Could you
Collard> provide me some starting guidance about building an Agent
Collard> with v3.0.0 (including "You have to wait until ???....." )

The text in the manual page is still true I guess. However, the
command interface described there is likely to change. So just read
"XXX This is all outdated! XXX" as "XXX This is likely to be all
outdated! XXX". ;-)

Collard> Am I right to plan to work with v3.0.0 or I have to work with
Collard> 2.1.10 ?

2.1.10 is officially the production version. But the 3.0.0 snapshot
seems to work for many people quite well (and it is the only version
which gets some maintenance these days).


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