[tkined] Scotty. Agent

From: Collard Joseph (Joseph.Collard@SAITRH.com)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 17:03:23 MET DST

I would like to start to develop a SNMP Agent with Scotty. I am currently
working with Scotty v3.0.0 ( win32 port snapshot). The doc for Tnm::snmp
RESPONDER SESSION COMMANDS noted XXX This is all outdated! XXX .
Could you provide me some starting guidance about building an Agent with
v3.0.0 (including "You have to wait until ???....." )
Am I right to plan to work with v3.0.0 or I have to work with 2.1.10 ?
Joseph Collard
Joseph Collard
SAIT-STENTO Wireless Solutions
R&D Software Engineer
Chaussée de Ruisbroek 66
B-1180 Brussels
Phone +32 2 370.54.83
Fax +32 2 376.62.20
E-mail joseph.collard@saitrh.com

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