Re: [tkined] no reception of SNMP traps after a while.

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 14:03:59 MET DST

>>>>> alaviell writes:

alaviell> environment : PC Windows NT 4, tcl 8.2.3, scotty v3.0.0 for
alaviell> win32 snapshot release 19(scotty-00-02-19-win), TNM 3.0.0,
alaviell> SNMPv1

alaviell> Description : Our Tcl/Tk application waits several traps
alaviell> during its execution. It works well for a while, and
alaviell> suddenly the callback is not called any more, while traps
alaviell> are still send to the PC, and should still be received. The
alaviell> snmp listener command is used without options : set
alaviell> g_scenario(traps) [snmp listener] and we define the callback
alaviell> for this listener. There is no error, and it starts
alaviell> working, so the listener is ok, the callback is ok. It does
alaviell> not happen after a defined time. But we notice that when it
alaviell> stops receiving traps, several traps has been sent in a
alaviell> very short time.

alaviell> And when it stops working, even unbinding the callback,
alaviell> closing the listener and opening an other one, binding the
alaviell> procedure with the new listener, changes nothing. The
alaviell> traps are still not received.

alaviell> The only solution is to quit the application (launched with
alaviell> wish). When it is started again, it works for a while, and
alaviell> the problem happens again.

alaviell> Question : what happens if traps are received while the
alaviell> callback is still working and cannot be called ? Is it
alaviell> possible to loose traps this way ?

They are queued in the connection between the nmtrapd and the scotty
process. Under Win32, they are (hopefully) queued in the UDP socket.

alaviell> If you have clues on this, similar reported problems (and
alaviell> solutions :-), or ideas...

Please try to narrow things down to a simple example script which
triggers the problem. And please turn off HTML when sending email
to this list. Thanks,


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