[tkined] no reception of SNMP traps after a while.

From: alaviell (alaviell@capgemini.fr)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 10:49:34 MET DST

environment :
PC Windows NT 4, tcl 8.2.3, scotty v3.0.0 for win32 snapshot release 19(scotty-00-02-19-win), TNM 3.0.0, SNMPv1

Description :
Our Tcl/Tk application waits several traps during its execution. It works well
for a while, and suddenly the callback is not called any more, while traps are
still send to the PC, and should still be received.
The snmp listener command is used without options :
set g_scenario(traps) [snmp listener]
and we define the callback for this listener. There is no error, and it starts
working, so the listener is ok, the callback is ok.
It does not happen after a defined time. But we notice that when it stops receiving
traps, several traps has been sent in a very short time.

And when it stops working, even unbinding the callback, closing the listener and
opening an other one, binding the procedure with the new listener, changes nothing.
The traps are still not received.

The only solution is to quit the application (launched with wish). When it is started
again, it works for a while, and the problem happens again.

Question :
what happens if traps are received while the callback is still working and
cannot be called ?
Is it possible to loose traps this way ?

If you have clues on this, similar reported problems (and solutions :-), or ideas...

Thanks in advance.

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